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Each year more than 10,000 people from Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and beyond attend the French Festival.  Learn how you can have a booth and gain access to this wonderful audience.

The French Festival is a celebration of French culture and all of its influences - our goal is that all of the entertainment, food, products and services offered at the Festival have a French cultural connection.  This includes the wide variety of cultures that have French influences and historical connections, our offerings go far beyond crepes and can-can to reflect that wide global impact that the French culture has had.  This can include Cajun, Creole, Vietnamese, West African, French Polynesia, art, fashion, the list goes on and on.  Please note your French Cultural connection in your product description in your application.

Before submitting an application, please thoroughly read the French Festival Vendor Information and Guidelines

If you would like to submit your registration and pay online, please complete the form and email it to us.  You will then receive an invoice by email with payment options.


2019 French Festival Food Vendor Application (online)
2019 French Festival Food Vendor Application (PDF)
2019 French Festival Food Vendor Application (Word Document)

Craft/Merchandise Vendors
2019 French Festival Craft/Merchandise Application (online)
2019 French Festival Craft/Merchandise Vendor Application (PDF)
2019 French Festival Craft/Merchandise Vendor Application (Word Document)

Non-profit Information Vendor
2019 Non-profit Information Vendor Application (online)
2019 Non-profit Information Vendor Application (PDF)
2019 Non-profit Information Vendor Application (Word Document)

Festival Map
You may use the booth numbers from the 2018 map when making booth space requests.
When we finalize the 2019map it will be posted here.
2018 French festival Map


The State Board of Equalization requires Festival operators to document, in writing, the seller's permit status for all vendors who sell at our event. We cannot rent space to sellers unless we have verification that they hold a valid seller's permit or verification that they are not required to hold a seller's permit.  You can learn more about these new regulations by following the links below.  In order to comply with this new law all vendors will need to complete the Swap Meets, Flea Markets, or Special Events Certification form along with their application.

Swap Meets, Flea Markets, or Special Events Certification Form
Information on Selling at Special Events/Festivals
Announcement from State Board of Equalization

For more information on obtaining a State board of equalization number click here


All vendors must provide a certificate of insurance from your insurance carrier indicating that your participation in this event is covered under that policy and naming Center Stage Theater, Speaking of Stories and the City of Santa Barbara as additional insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 comprehensive general liability coverage.

If you don’t have an existing liability policy there are a number of different options for obtaining a policy. One option is ACT Insurance,  they offer a show policy. We are not endorsing this policy or requiring that you use it, this is simply one possibility for you to explore.

Click here to go to the website


All merchants, service, & food vendors must have a One Day Vendors License for each day of the Festival. A One Day Vendors License application should be submitted with your application along with payment and we will submit it to the City.

Follow this link for information on the One day vendor license.


For Food Vendors -- your application must include a completed Santa Barbara County Health Department Temporary Food Facility application along with the application fee.  Note: mobile food facilities permitted by SB County do not need a TFF permit, but a copy of your current sticker should be provided with your application. Non-Profits: Your non-profit tax ID number must be provided with your TFF application for the TFF fee to be waived.

Follow this link for the Santa Barbara County Health Department's
Temporary Food Facility (TFF) guidelines
Temporary Food Facility Application (PDF) Download and open with adobe acrobat to fill. Don't have it? Download for free here)
If you are having trouble downloading the TFF fillable form email us here and we will send it to you.

Additional forms for confirmed vendors

French Festival Questionnaire
French Festival Questionnaire (PDF)

Vendor Electrical Form
Vendor Electrical Form (PDF)

2018 French festival Map

For more information on becoming a vendor at the Santa Barbara French Festival

contact Nathan at 805-963-8198

or email frenchfestival@sbcoxmail.com