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Canine Cavalcade Parade Signup

Bastille Day is coming soon, and that means it's again time for the Santa Barbara French Festival and the fabulous Canine Cavalcade (Saturday and Sunday July 11 & 12 at 6:00 p.m.). All kinds of pooches participate each year: Poodles, French Bull Dogs, Pomeranians, Resucues and more! We have costumed pups both large and small, and even the occaisional kitty. All are encouraged to come and be part of the fun!

Each day the Parade is the Grand Finale for the entertainment on the Eiffel Stage.  We begin lining up at 5:45 by the Eiffel Tower near the picnic tables.  The parade, led by Napoleon, then proceeds to march to the Eiffel Stage to be presented to the audience accompanied by wonderful accordion music.

All Registered Dogs and their owners are welcome to participate in the parade at no charge. Sign up for the Parade here any time in advance of the Festival or at the Information booth during the Festival.  Look for the Canine Cavalcade Banner! All well-behaved, licensed, vaccinated dogs are welcome, we do ask that all dogs are on leash at the Festival, at all times. This is one of the Festival's most popular events. Be sure to invite your friends and bring your camera.